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Africa is an immense continent with the biggest population of animals
1,100 different species of animals & 2,600 bird species
Each country offering safaris with individual attractions
"Safari" is a Swahili word - Journey

  • African Safari Style:
In East Africa, the game drives will be within a reasonable range from the lodge or camp in the game park where you are staying. To see a different set of animals you might need to travel to other game parks.
In Southern Africa, you can get maximum enjoyment staying at just one location. Southern Africa is known for its luxury accommodations sometimes with its own landing strip and territory. There are some benefits so to staying at a private game lodge, especially in Southern Africa.
In East Africa there are some luxury accommodation as well, but one special is the luxury tented camp. It’s a totally different experience. You are virtually out there in the bush at night, you can hear the thrilling sound of animals in the African night & get all the luxuries of a room with a comfortable bed and bathroom.  The tented camp is cordoned off from the outside world and there are guards watching to make sure no animal gets too close.
  • Game Drive with experienced driver/guide:
Most of your game viewing will be from a vehicle with open sides and possibly an open top. The average size of a safari vehicle - 6 to 10 passengers.  Animals don’t run away or hide from safari vehicles (due to the constant game drive vehicles in their territory following them and not harming them, animals are not concerned). Usually, there are 3 types of game drives – morning, afternoon and night.
  • Safari Vehicles:
In East Africa - mini-van with a pop-up roof (you'll be able to stand up & take pictures).
In Southern Africa - mostly open sided jeeps with no roof.
In some game reserves - could be an elephant back (gives the opportunity to get really close to the wildlife & the smell of the elephants is not too bad).

  • Walking Safaris:
You can walk with an experienced guide(instead of drive) into the bush, that will bring you closer to an African adventure.
You will learn how to know which animals are in the vicinity by studying their tracks and footprints.

  • Fly-In Safaris:
To avoid long road transfers or roads (not always in the best of condition), especially in Kenya and Tanzania, a fly-in safari is a convenient way to go.
You land on a private airstrip from the nearest major airport and immediately start your African safari.

  • Cruise Safari:
28 passenger Ship: Zambezi Queen was specifically designed for safari river cruising on the Chobe River and offers a sophisticated design to maximize animal sightings.
From Kasane, Botswana board your four-night Zambezi Queen safari cruise on the Chobe River & explore Chobe National Park, home to one of the densest populations of wildlife on the African continent. In the morning embark on a boat safari to explore the Chobe River’s spectacular game viewing. Then journey back to the Zambezi Queen for lunch and time to relax on board.
Later enjoy a slightly different version of a river safari aboard a special double decker barge which will allow you to venture into the southern channels. This will offer you an unusual viewpoint to observe hippos and elephants in their natural habitat.
Next day you can choose your afternoon activity - safari by boat, bird watching or fishing.

  • Weather & Wet seasons:
In East Africa - October & April (however prices are better & animals are still in evidence)
In Southern Africa it is rainy between November & March.

Animal facts to attrac You to go on an African Safari:

  • 4 of 5 fastest land animals: lion, cheetah, wildebeest & Thomson’s gazelle are found in Africa
  • African elephant weight can reach 6350 kg or 14,000 lb. Elephants only eat vegetation and are not carnivorous
  • The gorilla is the largest primate on earth and very shy
  • The most dangerous animal in Africa is the hippopotamus. They are herbivores, but very territorial and will attack anything that enters their area.
  • Giraffe's tongues are dark blue & approx. half a metre/20 inches in length.
  • The female lion does most of the hunting for food

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African Safari - there is no better way
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Most popular safari destinations:

  • East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda
  • South Africa: Botswana, Zambia, Namibia & Zimbabwe
  • The Big Five (lion, leopard, African buffalo, elephant and black rhinos) you can see in either East or South Africa.
  • Lions - more in East Africa.
  • Elephants - Botswana is home to 80% of South Africa’s elephant population.
  • Gorillas & chimpanzees we suggest Rwanda or Uganda.
  • Great Migration between Tanzania & Kenya is one of the most magnificent animal sights.
  • Over 2 million wildebeest & zebras move through the Serengeti & Masai Mara ecosystems in search of green pasture, in a regular pattern.
  • It is an amazing occurrence taking place twice a year (north - south in October and south - north in July).
  • In South Africa often you have to seek out animals in the bush (your experienced guide knows exactly where & when to find them).
  • Some lions & leopards are sitting quietly in trees.
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